10 Benefits of Showering Before Bed

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Experts have always linked hygiene with good health. Daily self-hygiene activities like brushing, washing clothes, cleaning your rooms, and taking baths are essential. They keep you fresh, motivated, and relaxed at the same time. When it’s summer, people like to take baths twice a day. The hot and humid climate compels most people to cool off with a bath before sleep. And in winter, most bath just once or skip a day or two too. 

So, when is the right time to bathe? Do you ask yourself, “Should I shower at night for better sleep?” Let us discuss and see in detail how PM showering can be helpful for your body.

Should I shower at night for better sleep?

Studies show that if you take a warm shower every day, it can help you sleep faster. The core temperature of your body naturally rises and falls throughout the day as per the circadian rhythm. This circadian rhythm regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Your mind relies upon many cues to determine whether it is time for you to sleep or wake. Your body temperature is one of those cues. 

When the night falls, your core body temperature becomes a bit cooler. This way, your brain receives the signal and releases melatonin to get ready for sleep. As the morning approaches, your body temperature gets lower, and once the morning arrives, it increases again. With the rise of the body temperature, the brain signals you to wake up. Thus, taking a warm shower helps to enhance this natural regulation of core body temperature. 

When you shower, your body temperature rises due to the warm water. After you get out of the shower, the water from your skin evaporates rapidly and gradually cools you down. This process signals your brain that it is time for your body to get some sleep. And thus, you start to feel sleepy after some time.

Benefits of showering before bed:

Some people may consider starting their day off with a cold refreshing shower. Yes, there are lots of benefits of showering in the morning. Similarly, taking showers at night doesn’t fall short as they have multiple advantages too. Here is a list of the benefits of nighttime showering.

1. Hygiene:

After going through a rough day, your body becomes dirty with sweats, dust, and germs. It wouldn’t be wise to go to sleep in that condition. Hence, it is essential to make a habit of washing off the dirt collected throughout the day. It keeps you clean and your skin free from the uneasy feeling caused by the sweats and dust too.

2. Peaceful and relaxed sleep:

Sleep is a very significant phase of our daily routine. The circadian rhythm is an inner clock that informs the body about when to sleep and when to be awake. As previously stated, the body temperature plays a crucial role in regulating the circadian rhythm

Researchers observed that raising the temperature of your body before bed can help you to sleep well. They suggested taking at least a 10-15 minute shower at a water temperature of 104-108° F before sleeping. It is known to help regulate the circadian rhythm and improve your mood to sleep. They recommend taking a shower at least 90 minutes before going to bed. That will give enough time for the body’s core temperature to cool down to normal before sleep. 

For good sleep, we must take psychological factors into account too. Taking a shower keeps us stress-free, removes our worries of the day, and gives peace to our minds. You may add essential oils to enhance the soothing effect too. That gives us a better footing while trying to get a good sleep.

3. Clean bed and laundry:

Do you want to slumber in your dirt and stinky sweat? With all the filth your body accumulates throughout the day long, your bedsheets are in danger. Hence, a clean bath will also help to keep your bed and pajamas clean. Not only that, but you won’t need to do your laundry as frequently as you usually do.

4. Skin health:

Yes, you can wash your face before bed for better skin and go to sleep before bed. However, taking a bath and washing your face at the same time makes it a lot easier. Experts suggest that washing your face before going to bed helps to:
  • Reduce breakouts.
  • Improve the moisturizer’s effectiveness.
  • Prevent wrinkles.
  • Brighten your skin tone.
  • Lessen chances of eye infections.
  • Hydrate the skin.

Experts explained that growth hormones regulate how quickly the dead skin cells shed. The sex hormones, on the other hand, influence the size of oil-secreting glands in the skin. Both the hormones climax at night; hence taking a shower clears any external stimuli from the skin’s surface. That helps to keep your hormones in a favorable balance. In short, a nighttime shower provides your skin-friendly hormones with optimal conditions for their functioning. 

Also, showering helps eliminate all the bacteria, oil, and germs from the body. It prevents the development of acne. As a whole, it minimizes the chances of bacterial infections and skin problems.

5. Enhanced morning routine:

People are usually busiest in the morning. Showering and drying in the morning take up about 30 min to 1 hour of their time. In comparison, a morning shower can surely brighten up your day and make you feel very fresh. However, you can make up for that with a cold water splash on the face and a cup of coffee. 

One additional benefit of nighttime showering is that it can save you enough time in the morning. You can replace the saved time with other vital activities like meditating, writing, work preparations, etc. You could also have another 30 minutes of sleep and not worry about hurrying to your office or work.

6. Blood circulation and pressure regulation:

Our body reacts naturally to the surrounding temperature by varying the heart rate. With a cold shower, our heart pumps the blood faster and improves our body’s blood circulation. With a warm shower, the heart rate slows down and normalizes the blood circulation.

A shower at night helps to regulate blood pressure and keep it in control. It initiates the smooth distribution of oxygen in the blood too. During summer, the body’s temperature increases due to heat. Showering at night keeps the body’s core temperature in check.

7. Reduces stress and physical pains:

After a tiresome and stressful day, anyone would want to relieve themselves of the suffering. A peaceful shower is undoubtedly the remedy to go for. It helps to refresh your mood and relaxes the mind. The brain gets to function better, allowing you to focus on the things you need to. 

The tension and anxiety in both the mind and body get some relief with a good shower. It also helps you recover quicker from sore muscles, eases pain in the joints, and soothes migraines.

8. Fights germs and allergies:

For people with seasonal allergies, it is risky to go to bed without taking a shower. Suppose you are allergic to pollen, and it gets on your skin and shirt when you come back from outdoors.  If you don’t take a proper shower, the pollens and residues can get to your bedsheets. In no time, the allergy symptoms can get worse and even disturb your sleep. All the more, the very next morning, you will have to wash your bed sheets and pajamas. 

There are lots of bacteria on your head. Your hair can collect germs and dust from the seats of subways, airplanes, buses, etc. In just one day, it gathers an unreasonable amount of dirt. If you go to sleep without showering, your pillow will soon get dirty and contaminated with germs. That can affect your skin and cause health problems too.

9. Benefit for the hair:

Washing your hair at night doesn’t give you any difficulty in the drying of the hair. Especially when you have curly hair, showering helps to lock moisture and prevent you from getting sick.  That is because you won’t need to go out with damp hair in the cold weather. When you wake up, you’ll experience healthier and softer hair. It will save the worry of going to school or work with wet hair too.

10. Disconnect:

After a long day dealing with people and gadgets, you feel the need to spend some time alone. Showering gives you this bonus: it helps you disconnect from the world and connect with your soul. You get to spend the time with yourself and analyze how you spent your day. It enables you to develop a calm, healthy, and peaceful mind.


As a morning person, you may still wonder, “Should I shower at night for better sleep and health?”. Well, you can always grab the bull by the horns and try it for about a week. You will be able to notice the changes gradually. It may not seem like a big deal to shower at specific timings. However, in the long run, it will make a huge difference. And if you have the habit of taking showers in the morning, you can start showering twice a day. Showering is a health-friendly activity that is as important as exercising daily and eating nutritious foods. We hope this article helps you to go gentle into that good night with a fantastic shower.

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